27 January 2015
All Party Parliamentary Group on Agroecology

Organic food and farming – current state, potential benefits and policy opportunities

29 January 2015
The business of organic food production

An introductory seminar at Elm Farm

19 January 2015
Organic Data Network reports

Results from the project summarised.

19 January 2015
Reducing GHG emissions from livestock

Global best practice guidelines recently released

7 January 2015
One-day seminars on organic food production and supply chains

Programme of introductory courses

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We are looking to appoint an Information Officer as project/content manager for the development of practical information resources related to agroecology, organic and sustainable farming. More...

Photos from the Organic Producers' Conference.
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Organic Producers' Conference proceedings now online!

2014 Organic Farm Management Handbook

The essential reference for organic businesses.

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John Pawsey explains why the work of the Organic Research Centre is so important and needs your support

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One-day introductory seminars on organic food production and supply chains - January and February 2015

Topics include: Organics as a business; Organic crop production; Organic livestock production; Organic and the environment; and Sustainability assessment (more advanced). 50% RDPE funding for English producers and 100% bursaries for students/apprentices available. More

New projects at the Organic Research Centre

Health networks

The main aim of the project is to create an international network of producers and scientists in order to initiate new and interdisciplinary approaches to health measurement and health research in ecological agriculture. This will ultimately serve to improve health effects in the entire food system. The second aim of this project is to identify which principles, strategies and methods organic farmers have adopted for successful health management on their farms. This will lead to the identification of best practice examples with regards to health and managing healthy agricultural systems. More...

Current projects at the Organic Research Centre

Grazing cereals

Funded by the Duchy Originals Future Farming Programme (DOFF), the project Winter grazing cereals: The effects on crop-weed competition and grain yield helps to tackle the broader challenge of managing weeds without herbicide – one of the themes of the 2nd round of the DOFF research fund. Black-grass is a particularly difficult to control weed that affects many farms across Britain – and is the source of much frustration for organic and conventional farmers alike! Led by innovative farmer John Pawsey at Shimpling Park Farm in Suffolk and the Organic Research Centre, this project will look at how grazing winter wheat with sheep can help control the black-grass. More...

Wheat and Barley Breeding Improvement (WHEALBI)

The aim of the WHEALBI project is to apply genomic, genetic and agronomic approaches to improve European wheat and barley production in competitive and sustainable cropping systems. This is an EU FP7 project led by Institut National De La Recherche Agronomique (INRA) from France, with 17 European partners. ORC will lead a task to identify wheat and barley ideotypes with enhanced performance under organic husbandry. We will work in close conjunction with NIAB, who will be conducting similar work under different tillage regimes.More...

Agroforestry for Europe (AGFORWARD)

The Organic Research Centre is working with 26 partners from across 23 European countries to promote agroforestry practices in Europe that will advance sustainable rural development, i.e. improved competitiveness and social and environmental enhancement. ORC will develop participatory research and development networks centred on silvopoultry systems (such as Woodland Egg producers) and silvoarable systems within the UK. We will also be collecting data from our own agroforestry research sites to model impacts on yields and ecosystem services at a field, farm and landscape scale. We will develop policy recommendations and tools for farmers and advisors.More...

Other current projects:

Sustainability assessment

Recently completed projects:

Health concepts

EU Regs evaluation