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Vikas Agrawal

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18 June 2019

We are very sorry to announce the sad and unexpected news that Vikas Agrawal, our Treasurer, died on Sunday after what his family describe as a relatively short illness.

Mike Turnbull, Chair of our Council of Management, said "Vikas was appointed as a Trustee / Treasurer in March 2013. He stood out amongst the candidates at that time because he had a long association with the organic movement - he was senior trustee of the Dean Organic Trust. He also had experience of dealing with environmental sustainability issues in roles he had played during his career. Since coming on board he made an extremely valuable contribution to ORC, not least as chair of the Finance Sub-committee, bringing his financial skills to bear particularly at the strategic level. He also played a key role in the transfer of the Dean Organic Trust (now the Dean Organic Fund) to ORC following the death of its founder Jennie Bone, and he continued to serve as a member of the DOF Management Committee. We will miss Vikas enormously."

Vikas was a graduate of Cambridge University, a chartered accountant and an experienced valuations and corporate finance practitioner with extensive experience of strategic planning and of leading large-scale business and technology transformations. He had lived and worked across the world, having been a consultant with Andersen Business Consulting, McKinsey & Company and Navigant. He worked at Siemens, as Director of Strategy and Innovation at Siemens Business Services and subsequently as Global Engagement Director at Nokia Siemens Networks. Vikas had a passion for green issues from an early age, winning the Daily Telegraph’s National Schools Essay Writing Completion on “The Green Economy”. Subsequently, as a management consultant and line manager, Vikas supported initiatives to develop new approaches to energy generation and resource conservation.

Our sympathies go out to his family.

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