18 May 2020
5th European Agroforestry Conference

Nuoro, Sardinia. Call for abstracts

21 September 2020
Organic World Congress 2020

20th Organic World Congress in France, September 2020

17 January 2020
Life within Planetary Boundaries, part 2 Agroforestry

New film featuring Martin Wolfe and Wakelyns Agroforestry

9 January 2020
A new era and another 40 Years begin for ORC

Message from Mike Turnbull, Chair of Council of Management

21 January 2020
Organic Research Centre starts 40th year at new headquarters

ORC is now operational from Trent Lodge in Cirencester.

Guidance for the marketing of biodiverse food products

Category: News
26 September 2019

New DIVERSIFOOD booklet presents approaches that support the development of a biodiverse food economy and promote agrobiodiversity

The prevailing food supply chains are characterised by a highly standardised food offer produced in an impoverished agricultural system. The loss of diversity in food production is not only a loss of crop species and varieties but also a loss of taste, culture and knowledge and adaptability to a changing environment. This booklet is intended to contribute to a transformation of this system by supporting the use of the biological diversity of cultures. It aims at supporting practitioners that want to enhance crop genetic diversity in agricultural systems and increase the link between consumers and producers.

The booklet contains a compilation of all the lessons learned from the valorisation of crop genetic diversity during the European research project DIVERSIFOOD - Embedding crop diversity and networking for local, high-quality food systems.

The main result of the project is that the valorisation of biodiverse products requires the involvement of all actors along the supply chain from breeder to consumer, their appreciation of the value of plant genetic diversity and their willingness and engage- ment to adapt their practices. The most important lesson from DIVERSIFOOD is therefore that the development of food diversity consists of different people with complementary skills gathering together and striving for more diversity in the food system.


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