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Flock Health Clubs have they been a successful initiative?

Category: News
26 January 2020

Flock Health Clubs (FHCs) are a new initiative started by Flock Health Ltd., in an effort to improve communication and relationships between sheep farmers and veterinarians and to offer sheep farmers access to cost effective veterinary services. Over the past three years FHCs have been initiated in practices by interested vets. Anecdotally they appear to be successful, but there has been no consultation with vets or farmers to confirm this. The Innovation for Sustainable Sheep and Goat Production in Europe (iSAGE) project gave Marion Johnson and Lisa Arguile (ORC), Nicola Noble (ORC/National Sheep Association) and Wendy Jones (National Sheep Association) the opportunity to interview participating vets and farmers as to their experiences.

Read article in full from ORC Bulletin 129 Flock Health Clubs have they been a successful initiative?

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