1 July 2020
European Organic Congress 2020

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7 July 2020
OF&G National Organic Combinable Crops 2020

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4 May 2020
Intercropping and Companion Cropping in Arable Systems

Field lab report from 2019 trials

30 April 2020
The Spring Bulletin No.131 is out!

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29 April 2020
Tim Bennett is the new Chair of ORC

Former NFU president takes on chairmanship of Organic Research Centre

FAO releases new Sustainability Pathways website

Category: News
24 April 2012

The FAO’s Natural Resources Management and Environment Department has released a new website Sustainability Pathways, featuring a range of projects and conferences on approaches, including organic farming, to making agriculture more sustainable, such as:

  • How do we define and measure sustainability in the food and agriculture sector? Check the SAFA project and e-Forum;
  • In a shock scenario such as high energy price, could organic livestock systems meet consumption demands sustainably? Check the SOL project;
  • How could producers be best rewarded for environmental stewardship? Check the PES project;
  • What is the environmental footprint of the food loss and waste and could it be reduced? Check the FWF project and database;
  • What are the agriculture, forestry and fisheries issues in the global move towards a green economy? Check the GEA project.

The website also features relevant FAO publications and partnerships, and is in addition to the existing FAO organic farming website.

Keywords: agricultural sustainability assessment resilience policy environmental stewardship green economy

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