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Project Summary: Participatory Cereals

Category: Research
5 June 2001

A Project Summary for 'Cereal varieties for organic production: developing a participatory approach to seed production and varietal selection' (Participatory Cereals-OF 0330).

Output articles from this project

Participatory Cereals: poster 05-05 2001-06-05
Participatory Cereals output

Participatory Cereals: newsletter 3 spring 2005 2001-06-05
Participatory Cereals Output

Participatory Cereals: newsletter 2 autumn 2004 2001-06-05
Participatory Cereals output

Participatory Cereals: newsletter 1 spring 2004 2001-06-05
Participatory Cereals output

Participatory Cereals: EFRC Bulletin article Dec 2004 2005-06-01
Participatory Cereals output

Participatory cereals: EFRC bulletin article NIAB Oct 2004 2001-06-05
Particpatory Cereals: Output

Follow the link below for a summary of the project

Research Project- Participatory Cereals pdf.pdf
For the full article please click here.

Keywords: cereals, wheat, participatory, seed-borne diseases, NIAB, seed treatments, Kingston University, Middlesex University, HDRA, OF 0330

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