24 September 2014
Practical sustainability assessment workshop

Sustainability assessment and carbon footprinting for dairy farmers

25 September 2014
Non-inversion tillage techniques

Field lab at Yatesbury House Farm, Wiltshire

17 September 2014
Derogations on young poultry and protein feed to continue

Derogations for non-organic pullets and 5% non-organic feed extended to 31 December 2017

12 September 2014
Soil nitrogen increased through greater plant biodiversity

Increased plant biodiversity improves grassland soil quality by boosting its nitrogen levels, even in the absence of nitrogen-fixing plants

18 July 2014
Prince of Wales visits Food & Farming Summer School

As part of his annual Food and Farming Summer School, HRH The Prince of Wales met with students and farmers at Eastbrook Farm in Wiltshire.

Project Summary: Participatory Cereals

Category: Research
5 June 2001

A Project Summary for 'Cereal varieties for organic production: developing a participatory approach to seed production and varietal selection' (Participatory Cereals-OF 0330).

Output articles from this project

Participatory Cereals: poster 05-05 2001-06-05
Participatory Cereals output

Participatory Cereals: newsletter 3 spring 2005 2001-06-05
Participatory Cereals Output

Participatory Cereals: newsletter 2 autumn 2004 2001-06-05
Participatory Cereals output

Participatory Cereals: newsletter 1 spring 2004 2001-06-05
Participatory Cereals output

Participatory Cereals: EFRC Bulletin article Dec 2004 2005-06-01
Participatory Cereals output

Participatory cereals: EFRC bulletin article NIAB Oct 2004 2001-06-05
Particpatory Cereals: Output

Follow the link below for a summary of the project

Research Project- Participatory Cereals pdf.pdf
For the full article please click here.

Keywords: cereals, wheat, participatory, seed-borne diseases, NIAB, seed treatments, Kingston University, Middlesex University, HDRA, OF 0330

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