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Organic Data Network reports

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19 January 2015

For the last three years ORC have been involved in the OrganicDataNetwork project which aimed to increase the transparency of the European organic food market through better availability of market intelligence about the sector to meet the needs of policy makers and actors involved in organic markets. ORC led two work-packages of the project: one on identifying organic data collectors throughout Europe and finding out what data they collect and the second on carrying out case studies in the UK, Germany, France, Italy the Czech Republic and the Mediterranean to improve national organic market reports. The project officially ended on 31st December and a “synthesis report” giving a summary of the results from the entirety of the project can be found at http://orgprints.org/28035/. Other project publications, including a code of practice and manual for organic data collectors, are available to download from the project website.

Keywords: data market intelligence

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