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Welsh Organic Producer Survey 2015

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24 March 2016

The 2015 Welsh Organic Producer Survey, funded by the Welsh Government, has been published by Organic Centre Wales

The 2015 survey has shown that the organic sector in Wales is progressing steadily once more. The survey was again well supported with 420 producers completing the survey, a response rate of 78%. Based on the response rate, the total certified land area in Wales is estimated at 78,400 ha in November 2015, an increase in 2% over 2014, indicating that participation in the new Glastir Organic scheme has had the effect of halting the reduction in land area shown by Defra's data collected by certification bodies during 2014. 88% of producers indicated that they had joined the new Glastir Organic scheme.The organic area represents 4.3% of Welsh agricultural land (including rough grazing) in 2014.

The majority of beef, milk and cropping outputs are sold into certified organic markets, although the sheep sector and store beef sales continue to suffer losses to the conventional sector at point of sale.

Despite the recent losses within the sector, organic sales remained strong and there was optimism in most sectors, especially the dairy sector in 2015, with the exception of the finished lamb and cattle sectors. There is also optimism for the future of the sector as 42% of producers who were surveyed indicated an intention to remain in organic production for 10 years or more and a further 27% for 5-10 years.

Download the full report: www.organiccentrewales.org.uk/uploads/ocw_producer_survey_report_2015_final.pdf

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