21 November 2016
Assessing the health of your soil

GREATsoils Trial Demonstration at Tolhurst Organic

2 December 2016
Assessing the health of your soil

GREATsoils Trial Demo at Valefresco, Warks.

26 October 2016
Organic crop area on the rise in the EU

Organic land area up in all Member States, except the United Kingdom and the Netherlands

24 October 2016
Insights into the needs of sheep and goat farmers in the UK

“We rely on researchers and innovators” say sheep and goat farmers

13 April 2016
Organic farm incomes up in 2015

Organic farm profits increasing with organic dairy farming outperforming conventional

Wheat Breeding: Project Summary

Category: Research
6 May 2002

A project summary for research project 'Generating and evaluating a novel genetic resource in wheat in diverse environments (AR 0194- Wheat Breeding)'. Output from this project can be accessed via links from the project summary. For the full article please click here.

Keywords: wheat, breeding composite cross populations, mixtures, yield, quality, John Innes Centre

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