13 May 2014
Agroforestry and Biodiversity

Farm Woodland Forum annual meeting

21 May 2014
Hazel dormouse ecology and conservation

Training day at Elm Farm

23 April 2014
Legumes in fertility-building leys

Large birdsfoot trefoil, Meadow Pea and White Sweetclover profiled

21 April 2014
Improving resource efficiency in crop and livestock systems

Report from NUE-CROPS and LI-BREEDS workshops

11 March 2014
Agroforestry letter to Defra

26 organisations call for Defra to back agroforestry

Wheat Breeding: Project Summary

Category: Research
6 May 2002

A project summary for research project 'Generating and evaluating a novel genetic resource in wheat in diverse environments (AR 0194- Wheat Breeding)'. Output from this project can be accessed via links from the project summary. For the full article please click here.

Keywords: wheat, breeding composite cross populations, mixtures, yield, quality, John Innes Centre

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